Kalpesh Patel has been involved in the healthcare sector for over 20 years. After graduating from Drake University with a B.S. in Pharmacy, Mr. Patel worked as a staff pharmacist at various large pharmacies in Nevada and California, where he identified various problems and inefficiencies with their operations that could be addressed with the right kind of software. As a result, Mr. Patel co-founded Meditab Software, Inc., which is now one of the leading EMR software companies in the United States for both ambulatory practices, medical offices, and pharmacies. Mr. Patel also led the expansion of Meditab’s operations in India, Philippines and additional regional offices in the United States, with over 350 employees worldwide.


After leaving the day-to-day operations at Meditab, Mr. Patel purchased and operated various pharmacies in California, including a Specialty Pharmacy, and a Long-Term Care Pharmacy, and overseeing a staff of over 40 employees in total. Mr. Patel also developed and implemented new pharmacy software to improve workforce efficiency as well as to improve patient safety. These initiatives and management lead to a dramatic increase in revenues and profitability of the pharmacies since their acquisition.

Since then, Mr. Patel has expanded his services provided to the healthcare sector, including providing implementation, support services, and remote staffing services to medical offices and pharmacies that use EMR software for their operations, as well as providing management and consulting services to companies in the healthcare sector.

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MedPharm Services provides services and solutions to practices, pharmacies and clinics of all sizes and specialities. As a leading health services organization, we are proud to announce that we have obtained widely recognized certifications that reinforce that our services and offerings meet industry requirements and the expectations of our clients.

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